Promotions featuring contributions from Labyrinth Games.
NTK T-shirt design

Promotional merchandise design for NTK, a major mailing list for those in IT-related fields.

Labyrinth Games specially designed this retro-looking hi-score table design to be printed on NTK T-shirts.

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Date: July 2002
Client: NTK
More info: NTK Geekstyle page
AWG advertising campaign

Major advertising campaign for the Anglian Water Group, one of the UK's largest public limited companies.

Labyrinth Games supplied puzzles for a series of advertisements promoting AWG. The answers were placed on the website as a way of encouraging readers to follow-through to the AWG site. The ads appeared in publications including Financial Times, The Economist, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph and Director.

Date: March 2002
Client: Cogent agency for AWG
MindRacer advertising campaign
This major advertising agency runs a recruitment campaign on behalf of their client Clifford Chance Pünder. Each advertisement contains an illustrated 'MindRacer' puzzle as an interest-grabbing hook. The campaign is running in Germany, with certain adverts also appearing in other European countries.

Labyrinth Games supplied puzzles for this successful three-year series of advertisements.

Date: July 1999 to June 2002
Client: J. Walter Thompson for Clifford Chance Pünder
PriceWaterhouseCoopers 2001 puzzle calendar

Labyrinth Games provided puzzles for the Irish branch of this major accounting firm. They appeared in its 2001 calendar.


Date: January 2001
Client: PriceWaterhouseCoopers Ireland
Reader's Digest advertising features
We devised puzzles as promotional features which appeared in an insert for Reader's Digest magazine on behalf of a bed manufacturer and pharmaceuticals comany.


Date: August 2000 to present
Client: Reader's Digest
Creative Solutions promotional items

In this short project, we created a number of concepts for promotional items.


Date: December 1999
Client: Creative Solutions


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