We are a professional puzzle and game consultancy, based in London, England. It was founded in 1990 by best-selling author David J. Bodycombe.
What we do
We help our clients by providing consultancy advice, original formats and content for games in a wide variety of media.

Consultancy advice The majority of our clients are people who already work in the media but have not necessarily worked on a game-related project. For example, you might be an editor who has worked on a number of books but not on a puzzle book before. Or you might run an Internet site or newspaper and are looking to add some puzzle content to your publication. In the initial stages, we can give you feedback about your idea, information on target markets and advice on how to accomplish your aims. When the project is underway, we can get involved in the day-to-day detail or just act as a 'hand holder' flagging up problems as we see them.

Original formats Sometimes we are asked to devise the framework for a game. Again, this can take many different forms depending on the media being considered. It could be to devise a game for an Internet site, or invent a new board game, or help with the development of a TV game show.

Content If the format is the framework for a game, the content is the group of challenges which hang off it. This usually takes the form of questions, puzzles or games. With one proviso (see below), we are able to produce original, high-quality content for any game.


What we don't do

We are not a games manufacturer. Rather, we devise games concepts which depending on the media involved may then be technically designed and built by a third party. Similarly, although we don't write computer games we could devise the idea for one.

Also, we tend not to get involved in projects where a client requires thousands of multiple-choice trivia questions to be compiled for an on-line quiz. This is a specialist area that requires a large team of compilers.




Costs depend on the type of project and the work being performed. Consultancy is called off at an agreed daily rate, while content is usually charged per puzzle/game used. Work performed is invoiced every month. Travelling time outside London is charged at 50% of the daily rate, although we find that the large majority of our work is easily carried out via email, fax and telephone.


How to contact us

If you'd like to make an enquiry, please feel free to email us without obligation via this address:




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