Television programmes containing contributions from Labyrinth Games.
Treasure Hunt
The new version of the classic entertainment adventure series features presenters Suzi Perry and Dermot Murnaghan working with the contestants to solve cryptic clues against the clock.

Labyrinth Games wrote clues for the second run of the BBC 2 version of the show, which featured locations including the USA, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.


Broadcast: 2003
Client: Chatsworth TV for BBC2
The Crystal Maze
Popular action-adventure game hosted by Richard O'Brien and Ed Tudor-Pole. A team of six contestants, led by the Mazemaster, are led round a series of rooms in four different time zones. Crystals won earn time in the Crystal Dome at the end of the show, where fabulous prizes could be won.

Labyrinth Games was a regular games contributor over five years. In the "Time Cycle" game shown right, the contestant must assemble a series of cog wheels. He can then mount the bicycle and pedal as quickly as possible to claim his reward. But will he realise that he needs to pedal backwards?

In the second picture, we can see contestant Emma tackles one of the children's show puzzles. A correct sum must be formed by covering the right LED segments. However, only some of the white flaps actually work...

Broadcast: 1991-5 (series 2 to 6)
Client: Chatsworth Television for Channel 4
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The Mole
Spy-themed adventure game hosted by Glenn Hugill. Ten contestants compete in a wide variety of challenges for prizes totalling up to 200,000 but which one is the traitor out to stop them?

Labyrinth Games designed two of the challenges for series 2 of the show.


Broadcast: 2001 (series 2)
Client: Action Time for Channel 5
Starfinder is a 10 x 30' challenge show for ITV in which teens are sent on simulated training missions to become future astronauts. The games feature cutting-edge computer simulations.

Labyrinth Games acted as a games consultant for this innovative children's programme.


Broadcast: September 2003
Client: Carlton for ITV
More info: Official Starfinder site
Mind Games

Labyrinth Games contributed puzzles to this intelligent, mind-bending panel game hosted by Simon Singh.

Broadcast: January 2003
Client: BBC Four
More info: Official programme site
Pompeii / Colosseum
BBC ONE has announced three new history commissions which will take viewers to the terrifying last moments of Pompeii, to the world of Roman gladiators and into the life of Queen Victoria. The commissions follow the success of BBC ONE's Pyramid (see below).

Labyrinth Games is once again working with the BBC's Interactive department to deliver an 'after-show experience' for every viewer.


Broadcast: Autumn 2003
Client: BBC ONE
More info: BBC press release

The Great Pyramid of Giza - the majestic burial place of King Khufu - is the only one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World to survive. Pyramid is a landmark BBC ONE documentary.

Labyrinth Games devised a unique hidden competition within the actual TV broadcast, as well as assisting with associated challenges on the Internet and interactive TV platforms.

Broadcast: October 2002
Client: BBC ONE
More info: BBC History site
Sub Zero
Sunday mornings were never the same again thanks to this innovative interactive game show for kids. Set in an underground post-millennial bunker, hosts Robin Banks and Jemma James directed studio contestants and home players in a variety of computer, internet and technology challenges. 

Labyrinth Games devised games used in the revolutionary FreeD "virtual studio".

Broadcast: 1999
Client: BBC 2
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New quiz show

Labyrinth Games has devised a new intelligent family game show in partnership with John M. Lewis (devisor, Fifteen to One) for S4C. Keep watching this site for more information.


Broadcast: 2nd pilot filming Summer 2003
Client: S4C
Technology show presented by Kirsten O'Brien which attempted to explain the Internet to children while having fun.

We devised an on-line feature called K-Trail, which consisted of a progressive treasure hunt competition run on the show's web site.


Broadcast: August December 1999
Client: BBC Knowledge
Flame TV

We provided sample games for a family game show in development.


Roger Beam TV

We provided assistance in developing a football-themed game show.


Yorkshire/Tyne Tees TV

We provided information on game shows during the research for Let's Get Quizzical, a TV programme compiling great moments or outtakes from quiz shows of the past.



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